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AttraTec® attractant "No1 Suhlengold"

AttraTec® attractant "No1 Suhlengold"

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  • AttraTec Suhlengold is a bioactive attractant based on beech tar and other plant attractants, which is particularly suitable for wild boar and red deer. After application, the effect sets in immediately.
  • Due to the special closure, AttraTec No 1 Suhlengold can be applied and dosed without any tools such as brushes and gloves, preferably on painting trees or tree stumps. Dirty hands, clothing and other objects are history.
  • Thanks to Suhlengold's patented recipe, the attraction effect is significantly increased and, compared to conventional beech wood tar, is always liquid, whether it's summer or the depths of winter.
  • AttraTec No 1 Suhlengold has been tested several times by renowned hunting magazines - with a very good result! Wild boar, red deer, roe deer and predators have been sighted on the trees.
  • With the recommended dosage, one bottle of Suhlengold (1kg) is sufficient for approx. 20 applications and almost complete (>99%) product removal is also possible.
  • Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effect.

  • Causes skin irritation.

  • Causes serious eye irritation.


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