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ATTRATEC No9 caramel

ATTRATEC No9 caramel

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  • Natural attractants with bio-active aromas for all native hoofed game species
  • Use pure, on salt licks or mixed with Kirrgut
  • Stimulates the game's sense of smell and taste.
  • High attraction effect, saves a lot of kibble, high yield, 1 liter is enough for 250 to 500 kg of kibble
  • Available in the handy 1L bottle.

The attractiveness of fairgrounds or fairgrounds can be significantly increased if it not only tastes good but also smells good. AttraTec No 9 uses exactly this effect! Especially in combination with Kirrgut, both the sense of smell and taste are positively influenced. The attractiveness of the Kirrplatz can be increased even with a reduced amount of Kirrgut.

AttraTec No 9 is available in different scent variants: apple, aniseed, hazelnut, caramel, cherry, peach, vanilla, walnut. This enables the hunter to discover and use the preferences of local game.

By the way: the 1 liter bottle is packed in a resealable aluminum bag. This ensures the best possible protection for natural substances from the effects of light. The scale on the label and the spray insert enable easy and very good dosing. This avoids overdosing and allows for a high yield.

Occasionally there may be a small amount of precipitation at the bottom of the bottle, which is not uncommon for natural products. Then simply shake the bottle well - the product can continue to be used without any loss of quality.


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