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Wild Lollipop Last Dinner No.3 Roasted Peas + Pea Syrup 7Kg

Wild Lollipop Last Dinner No.3 Roasted Peas + Pea Syrup 7Kg

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Wildlollipop Last Dinner No.3 Roasted Peas with Sweet Pea Syrup is a highly effective feeding product for red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon, sika deer and other hoofed game and wild boar

The wild lollipop roasted peas with sweet pea syrup has a particularly intense smell that can be perceived over long distances. Long-lasting fragrance provides a magnetizing effect. The game is lured and bound over long distances. This product is a successful mix of many field tests. This product, with its extreme scent, can also be used during fattening periods (acorns, beech crops) where kirring with other Kirr products no longer works. In addition, a 0.1 liter bottle with sweet pea syrup (liquid bait) is supplied in the bucket, which can be used to mix in additional feed. (50ml per 10kg Kirkgut)


  • irresistible attraction
  • lures over long distances

Weight: 7 kg + 0.1 kg additional bottle of pea syrup

Type of feed: Complementary feed

Utilization: application as a means of feeding

When using bait and bait, the hunting regulations of the respective countries or the respective federal states must be observed.


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